Massachusetts residents are known to have some pretty wild reputations. Whether it be our rabid sports fans or that sweet accent (which really only a tiny percentage of us have) nothing quite defines us like our drivers.  

While New York might have the reputation of being the worst driver in the U.S., some argue a strong case that, in fact, Massholes (it’s in the Oxford Dictionary, look it up) take the cake. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is an organization that releases data about the number and location of fatal injuries suffered in traffic accidents across the country. In recent years, Massachusetts has tended to rank near the top of the annual list.

In a 2022 Massachusetts Department of Transportation Board Meeting, Transportation Secretary Jamey Tesler reported a “significant increase in roadway fatalities over the last couple of years and serious injuries.” In fact, road fatalities rose by 50% in 2020, according to the Boston Herald, despite reduced traffic across most of Massachusetts roads and highways during the COVID-19 shutdowns. As such, many new initiatives are being considered throughout the state to hopefully re-order certain traffic patterns, increase funding for risk prevention programs, and reduce fatalities on MA roads overall.


The 10 Worst Intersections for Car Accidents in Massachusetts

According to the Law Offices of Andrew D. Meyers, who compiled information from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the following is a list of state intersections with the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents. To reach their results, the DOT looked at accident statistics, fatalities, bodily injury accidents, and property damage at traditional four-way intersections, Y intersections, and T intersections. The study did not include rotaries.

10. Saint James Bvld and Saint James Ave in Springfield, MA

This x-shaped intersection in a highly commercial area of Springfield saw 460 car accidents during the DOT study.

9. Broadway and Third Street in Chelsea, MA

A narrow intersection in a busy portion of town, this intersection saw 470 car accidents.

8. High Street and Cabot Street in Holyoke, MA

This wide intersection sees frequent speeding and accounted for 477 car accidents.


7. Main Street and Plainfield Street in Springfield, MA

A four way intersection near the exit ramp of 291 saw 479 vehicle accidents.


6. Pleasant St and Lincoln St in Stoughton, MA 

Two major streets leading into a wide intersection lead to 491 motor vehicle accidents at this intersection.


5. Appleton Street and Central Street in Lowell, MA

A mishmash of different urban streets just a block away from downtown, this intersection saw 595 car crashes.

4. Ash Street and West Elm Street in Brockton, MA

Obstructed views caused by bushes and a rock wall make this intersection difficult to navigate. There were 636 crashes there.

3. Morton Street and Harvard Street, Boston, MA

A large intersection with low visibility in a congested part of the city makes this a dangerous intersection that saw 644 car accidents.


2. Randolph Ave in Chickatawbut Rd in Milton, MA

Just off of two parkways, this inspection sees drivers who have not reduced their speed from the highway, leading to 660 accidents.


1. VFW Highway at Route 38, Route 10, and Bridge Street in Lowell, MA

This high-traffic area saw 698 motor vehicle accidents.


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