Massachusetts is known for a lot of things. Its pivotal role in the country's history, some of the best colleges and universities in the world, spectacular landscapes from mountains to beaches, and in recent years the culinary scene has emerged as one of the best in the country.

Boasting 33 restaurants that have at least one Michelin star, Boston, Massachusetts has become a food mecca for chefs and diners alike. Local foodies and those visiting the area have a wide variety of culinary choices, from fresh seafood, to classic Italian, and Asian cuisine to Indian and even West African delicacies are all represented throughout the capital city.

All of this culinary greatness can come at a hefty cost. We all know a hole-in-the-wall diner that serves up deliciousness at a menial price, but a lot of the higher-end eateries in the Boston area can cost you a small fortune. If you're a foodie, the bang might be worth the buck, but newbies to the culinary scene could experience some sticker shock.

This Restaurant was Named the Most Expensive in Massachusetts

One of the newer restaurants to emerge on the gourmet culinary scene in Boston is Rare Steakhouse at the new(er) Encore Casino, in Everett, Massachusetts, just outside the city.


Offering creative seafood classics and exceptional cuts that "redefine the steakhouse experience" Chef Kyle Bradish's steak program includes exclusive Japanese cuts from Kobe and exceptional domestic beef from Idaho and New Jersey. An onsite dry-aging process and a top-notch wine program elevate this chic dining room to flavorful new heights.


According to Most Expensively, it's the most expensive public restaurant in Boston. The average price per person at Rare is $250, which can easily skyrocket depending on menu choice and wine pairings or if you dip into their high-end cognac and whiskey lists.

Aside from their rare and world-class cuts of meat, handcrafted appetizers, and desserts as well as regular entrees carry a hefty price tag as well. Check out the entire menu below.

If you thought the menu was expensive, their Scotch Whisky list is not for the faint of heart either. How about $825 for two ounces of liquor sound to you?

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