From generation to generation, mothers have been nurturing, caring and understanding. There is one lady who is so unpredictable, that you can never bank on anything -- Mother Nature.

She did give us a couple of weeks, more often than not, of very mild days, sometimes with temperatures reaching the 70's. Friday, she woke up on the wrong side of the bed and gave us several inches of slop, that would end up freezing over at night to create all sorts of fun in parking lots and on roadways across the county.

We will get a bit of a reprieve from the snow and winter-like conditions for a few days, but Wednesday, she comes back at us again. Right now, the expectations are for 5-10 inches of snow starting Wednesday morning into Thursday morning. If you are a fan of skiing, this  should get you excited.

We'll see what happens, because as most snowstorm predictions go, it is anybody's guess. However, this particular weather pattern doesn't seem nearly as unpredictable as Friday's mess of a day.

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