Warm weather is here which means people are enjoying a host of outdoor activities including swimming, walking, biking, and hiking. It truly is a blessing living in Massachusetts. With all of the outdoor options, we have along with the beauty of all four seasons, the opportunity to see a Boston Red Sox game, and more who wouldn't want to be here?

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Speaking of hiking the summit of Mount Greylock Reservation is officially open for the season. This includes the War Memorial Tower and Bascom Lodge. If you haven't hiked Mount Greylock put it on your bucket list as it is a one-of-a-kind experience filled with gorgeous scenery. You can learn more about all things Mount Greylock including hiking trails, upcoming events, guided tours, and more by going here and on the Mount Greylock State Reservation Facebook page.

You May Bump into Some Furry Friends During Your Tour of Mount Greylock

One thing that you may know is that there are some furry friends that you may bump into on top of Mount Greylock and maybe even on your way up the trail. According to AZ Animals, there are a number of creatures that prowl atop the state's highest point including red-tailed hawks, white-tailed deer, common ravens, red foxes, and North American porcupines...the types of animals you would expect to see.

Keep in mind when hiking and spending time on Mount Greylock that two animals of the predatory type may also be around the area occasionally. Those animals include the following:

Bobcats have been spotted on top of Mount Greylock. Luckily, bobcats aren't aggressive toward humans but if you encounter one on top of the mountain (or anywhere for that matter) make sure to give the bobcat space, make noise so the bobcat knows you are present and if you have small children with you make sure you pick them up. Bobcats have been known to kill animals that are much larger than themselves.

Black Bears are another predatory animal that roam around atop Mount Greylock. If you encounter a black bear you'll want to keep your distance and back away slowly. If that fails, make loud noises (whistles, noisemakers), and wave your arms but never run from a black bear. Keep children close if they are with you when encountering a black bear.

Get it out and enjoy Mount Greylock this summer and fall. It's an absolutely breathtaking experience. Just know that some furry friends may be hanging out at times too. Respect them and give them their space and you should be just fine. You can view the entire list of animals on top of Mount Greylock by going here.

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