My parents live out in the Boston area, Burlington to be exact. Hours after my father celebrated his birthday, they woke up to something quite scary.

In the early morning hours during the big nor'easter that hit the area, they heard a loud crash. My father immediately thought it was my mother taking a fall in the hallway. After getting out of bed and seeing that everything was ok, they both headed back to sleep -- until my mother suggested to go check out what had happened.

My father looked out the window and saw that a giant tree had snapped and fallen on their house. As a matter of fact, he told me that if the tree had fallen three feet to the left, it would've ended up on top of them.

Despite the scary nature of the incident, they, as usual, stayed very calm, made some phone calls and started on the road to repairs. After the roof and pieces of the house were protected with tarps, Monday was the day that the tree was removed.


Despite the ordeal, my father was able to get his several seconds of fame, as his story tied into some of the problems people have been having from these storms -- such as the removal of trees. There is so much work to be done, and often times, not enough time, or manpower, to get to all of them done in a timely fashion.

NBC Boston headed to the mean streets of Burlington to do a story on the ordeal. You can check out that video below.

It looks like the Boston area will get hit a lot harder than we will during this current storm. Just be careful, and also understanding, if something like this happens to you.

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