You know what a lot of folks just love to say about New England. "If you don't like the weather...wait 5 minutes." I'll be honest, I've lived in a lot of different parts of the country, and everywhere has certainly had its fair share of hard-to-pin-down weather, but I would definitely agree that New England has them all beat. Hands down.

Take for example this week coming up. After a nice dose of spring-like temperatures and even some rain to wash away the dirt, sand, and salt to start the week, get ready for a harsh slap in the face to bring you back to reality.

The National Weather Service in Albany, New York, is keeping all eyes on a potentially major winter storm to end the workweek. At the very least, we won't have to worry about school closings thanks to school vacation this week.

Now obviously, we're a few days out to really get a pinpoint on things, weather-wise. Also, differing forecasts call for differing amounts, but as of now, the NWS is calling for possibly sleet or freezing rain mixing with snow and then changing to all snow.

Again, they are hesitating on making any predictions on snowfall amounts because the storm is days away, but some storm models are looking at possibly between 6-10 inches Thursday late evening/overnight into Friday afternoon/evening when the storm winds down to flurries.

Here is the complete forecast from the National Weather Service:

Monday night: Partly cloudy with a low around 32 and light southeast wind.

Tuesday: Rain, mainly in the afternoon. High near 51. Winds possibly gusting as high as 23 mph. Chance of precipitation 100%.

Tuesday night: Rain, mainly before 1 a.m. Overnight low of 48. Southwest wind 13 to 15 mph with gusts as high as 31 mph. Chance of precip 100%.

Wednesday: Chance of rain showers before 1 p.m. Mostly cloudy, high near 55. Afternoon northwest winds could gust as high as 26 mph. Chance of precipitation 50%.

Wednesday night: Partly cloudy skies, low around 18.

Thursday: Partly sunny and much cooler. High at 31.

Thursday night: Snow, mainly after 1 a.m. Overnight low at 21. Chance of precipitation around 90%.

Friday: Snow. High of 29. Chance of precip 100%.

Friday night: Snow showers likely before 7 p.m. Then, mostly cloudy with a low of 9. Chance of precipitation 60%.

Saturday: Mostly sunny, high of 25.

Sunday: Partly sunny, high 30.

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