Massachusetts is a great place to live, but some residents complain that the state can be too regulated at times.

Compared to some other states in the U.S., Massachusetts can feel somewhat restricted when it comes to some laws and ordinances and even our taxes. We didn't get the nickname "Taxachusetts" for nothing.

There are some rumblings on the internet that Massachusetts businesses are now adding another rule to the books, this time forcing customers to show identification to purchase this common household product.

Of course, we know that you need to show proper ID to purchase alcohol and marijuana in Massachusetts. That goes without saying and is true in every other state in the country. There are also products like certain cold medications that you need to show ID for in Massachusetts, Sudafed being one of them.

Do You Need an ID to Buy Baking Soda in Massachusetts?

After one person in the bordering state of New York was asked to show identification at a local store to buy baking soda it's got other folks curious if their state will be next.

Why would someone need to show identification for purchasing baking soda? For the same reason, you need to show ID to purchase Sudafed. Kind of. While Sudafed actually contains medicine and baking soda does not, both can be used to make illegal street drugs. Breaking Bad fans will certainly know that pseudoephedrine can be used to make meth, not everyone might be aware that baking soda can be used to cut cocaine and make rock or crack cocaine.

While there is no official language from the state about this, some folks are wondering if there will be in the near future.

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