Police officials in Ohio have brought a new scam to light that are effecting Netflix subscribers -- or even non-subscribers.

The City go Solon, Ohio Police Department recently shared a screenshot from an email one of the officers received from, what looks like, the popular streaming service. The email states that the customer's account is "on hold" and that they are "having some trouble with your current billing information."

"Biggest clue (that this is a scam) is that I don't have a Netflix account," the officer said.

"Criminals want you to click the links, so that you voluntarily give your personal identifying information away," the post continues. "It is very successful. Don't put your guard down. Contact the source of the email by another method that you trust, to make sure your accounts are maintained. Don't click the links. The links could also be a way to install malware on your computer."

Other signs that people have commented with in the post are the international phone number attached to the email, as well as the "Hi Dear" greeting and some of the strange lettering on words within the statement.

Netflix also states within their help page to not enter information within an email or text message, but instead go to their website, log in and update your account directly.


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