Sitting in line at the local McDonald's drive-thru the other day in the pouring rain I was hit with the reality of how lucky I was to be receiving a hot cheeseburger and fries in my nice warm truck. I also understand the pain of a super long fast food drive thru when you're hangry and tired and the thing barely seems to be moving. However, these are some things you should never do at a McDonald's drive thru.

Never Do This At A McDonald's Drive Thru In Massachusetts


1. Never not ask the employee how they're doing. This literally takes two seconds and you'd be surprised at the appreciation. Blurting out your order the moment they say, "Can I take your order", is selfish and rude.

Occupations with the Rudest Drivers

2. Never not turn your windshield wipers off when its raining out. McDonald's may or may not have an awning to stop the pouring rain from pelting your windshield. Rolling up top the window with your wipers on high is just gonna tick off the employee when they get splashed with water.


3. Never not pull up far enough so you block the guy behind you from reaching the drive thru's ordering microphone and speaker. This happens all too often when the employee is saying "Hello, can I take your order", and you're too far away from the mic.

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4. Never ask the people in the car what they want when you get to the window. Know your order well in advance, this is just gonna makes things a lot harder and longer.

Photo of driver honking in traffic on the road

5. If your vehicle needs an exhaust system, skip the drive thru and go in. Nobody wants to smell that crap, bro.

Air pollution from vehicle exhaust pipe on road

As an avid fan of the many drive thru options here in Massachusetts, these 5 tips will make for a better experience.

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