(The following information courtesy of The Berkshire Eagle)

Some distressing news here in Berkshire county as a total of 5 residents have recently tested positive for the Corona Virus at Fairview Commons located at Christian Hill Road in Great Barrington, Their condition remains unknown at the present time. There is some optimistic news concerning this situation: About 100 residents have tested negative for COVID-19. Currently, all nursing homes throughout the Bay State and it's surrounding areas are quarantined as a mandated has been issued to restrict outside visitors from entering these facilities as relatives of those hospitalized do not have an option of visiting their loved ones during these trying times.

You can read more about the latest developments on how this world wide pandemic is hitting close to home by logging on here.

For more details on county wide news regarding the Corona Virus, you can log on to The Berkshire Eagle's web site

(Photo image of Fairview Commons courtesy of their web site, www.fairviewcommons.org)

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