So, if you won $550 million dollars, how much would you give to a close friend? 10 million? 5 million? 1 million? Anything?

Marjo, with an Earth-shattering roll of the eyes, agreed to fork over 1 million to Slater if she were to win on Wednesday evening.

Since there was no jackpot winner for Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing (12-14-26-28-33 MB 09), that jackpot jumps to $750 million (fifth largest in history) on Saturday.

There was one winner (Florida) who matched all 5 numbers minus the mega ball, winning $2 million.

Slater and Marjo also spoke of how hard it really is to win! Your odds: 1 in 292,000,000.


But, if you don't play, you can't win.

After years of playing family members' birthdays and anniversaries, I opt for the quick-pic option now. I guess that is not a bad thing...

In general, most jackpot winners come from quick picks, in which players opt to have the machine choose their numbers randomly rather than picking numbers themselves.

If you do opt for the quick-pic and your normal, regular handpicked numbers DO happen to win, whattya do then?!

I suggest playing them both.

FUN FACT: If you win Powerball tonight, you will still be WAY less rich than Elon Musk. Musk was just named the richest person in the world (net worth $191 billion).

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sits at a close second, worth $182 billion, and Bill Gates third worth $129 billion.


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