The North Andover Fire Department is reminding us today that driving over a firehose for any reason at all can be extremely dangerous for firefighters battling a fire. The time you save could mean a potentially fatal injury to a firefighter. It's also possible that a civilian could sustain injury.
A warning on the North Adams 911 Facebook page, originally posted by the North Andover Fire Department, makes it very clear that driving over a firehose can be a serious mistake.

This is a serious warning that should not be taken lightly!

According to the Facebook post, driving over a firehose could knock the hose loose and potentially injure or kill firefighters. This careless action could also affect the water supply and firefighters' ability to respond to a potentially life-threatening fire. Of course, it could also damage the emergency apparatus.

Check out this frightening video showing what can happen!

 (Above video from the STATter911 YouTube channel)

Not to mention... It's also illegal!

It's actually illegal to drive over a firehose and you could be charged for driving over one. You can read Section 7A of Massachusetts General Law, HERE. You will see that vehicles are not even permitted to even approach fire apparatus. You can be fined for doing so as well!
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It is also counterproductive!

The Andover Fire Department says that in trying to save time by driving over this crucial firefighting equipment, vehicles that drive over hoses have to stay in that stuck position for the duration of the incident, which could be several hours. This is for the safety of firefighters.

Don't be THAT person...

Don't be that person at a fire. Be patient and follow the prompts of first responders. They'll try to move you around or through the emergency scene as quickly as they can.

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