While Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has suggested that residents wear masks in public places when people cannot keep a safe distance from others, nothing has been made mandatory. Recommendations from the state and CDC have continued to just be suggestions.

As of this afternoon, Baker's New York counterpart, Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an executive order mandating that all New Yorkers who can't maintain social distancing in public places, wear face masks or mouth/nose covering. This includes not only grocery stores, pharmacies, and other public places, but also extends to public transportation and even crowded streets and sidewalks.

Gov. Cuomo has given a three-day compliance period before the order officially goes into effect. There could potentially be civil penalties incurred if there is widespread non-compliance, however, the Governor does not want to go to a penalty system at this point, acknowledging the majority of citizens have complied with social distancing directives. He said if enforcement is needed, it would be handled at the local level.

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