This one is a bit of a mystery. This furry little creature was captured by a trail cam in Cheshire, MA. The thing is though, I have no idea what the heck it is! It kind of looks like a mad scientist had mixed up a beaver and a weasel that at some point went on a food bender. Hmmm.

Is it a beaver?

My first thought is that maybe it could be a beaver and that the camera somehow distorted the image to give the tail that odd long triangular shape. I'm fairly sure it's not a beaver.


karen crewe
karen crewe

(Above: A Beaver)


Is it an overfed weasel?

It sort of looks like a weasel that had a little too much, well, whatever weasels eat! But no... there's no way that is any kind of weasel.


fisher, den, tree

(Above: A Weasel)


A Fisher maybe?

Is there any chance it could be a Fisher? It does have the body type, but that tail is a real mystery. I could use some help here.


Fisher (mammal) perched on a fallen tree

(Above: A Fisher)


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It could be an Otter...

I think my best guess is that it's an Otter. It does have the right tail, I think. I'm just not sure. If someone told me that if I guessed correctly I would get a million dollars, I would definitely go with an Otter. The tail looks too "Lizardy" though. Hmmm.


A picture from an otter.Ein Bild von einem Fischotter.

(Above: An Otter)


So what do we know?

So what exactly do we know about this animal? We know it was spotted on a trail in Cheshire. We know it has fur. We know it has a long tail. And... we know it's a little plump.


Search: Inconclusive...

Well I, typed "other animals that look like an otter" into the Google machine. Here's what the return was:

Species that are often confused with the otter are beavers, raccoons, mink, and muskrats. Knowing a little about each of these other species can help you easily distinguish them from otters.


So... Your guess is as good as mine. Or maybe it's better than mine. I just know that there's someone out there that's going to read this and say "Duh, it's obviously a _________."


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