Whether at work, shopping at a mall, or inside an office building at some point you have probably been on an elevator. Heck, some people even have elevators in their homes. Elevators are a fun ride and they are a quick form of transportation when you don't want or don't have time to take the stairs.

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One of America's Oldest Elevators is in Massachusetts

A fun fact according to Oldest.org and Property Manager Insider, is one of the oldest elevators in the United States is located inside City Hall in New Bedford. Property Manager Insider notes the following:

The City Hall Elevator was installed in 1906 and has been in continuous operation ever since. In fact, the elevator has become something of an attraction at the property. Attendants still operate the elevator and provide rides to both children and adults.

It's worth noting that the elevator has had some mechanical and electrical problems in recent years so a modernization project is in the works according to a December 2022 article by radio station WBSM.

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