Without question, in times of hardship, the community comes together to support those in need. These past 20 months have proven that here in Berkshire County. Everything from people creating masks, volunteers delivering food to shut-ins, county residents donating food to food pantries and the examples are endless.

Another avenue in which people make a positive difference in the lives of others is through Go Fund Me. You may remember this past spring there was a Go Fund Me campaign created to pay for advertising in search of Lynn Burdick You can read more about Lynn's story by going here. Through the generosity of the community, the money was raised and the billboard advertising came to fruition.

There was another fundraiser for a local couple from West Stockbridge, Skip and Patty Johnson. With Skip's health conditions, Patty became his primary caregiver. However, in order for Patty to continue to take care of Skip effectively, Patty needed to purchase new hearing aids. Through Go Fund Me and the generosity of the community, the financial goal was met for Patty to purchase the hearing aids.

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Now there's another Berkshire fundraiser taking place through Go Fund Me. This particular fundraiser will support the Becket community. The fundraiser is to replace/restore the bell at the First Congregational Church. According to the fundraiser page, the bell was originally crafted by Paul Revere and is the only of its kind in Berkshire County. The bell is in danger due to extensive damage from powderpost beetles in the timber-frame structure that supports the bell and belfry. In addition, there is extensive damage in the basement.

The church is looking to restore or replace the belfry structure and supports so the bell can be heard in the future. The fundraiser's goal for this replacement is $250,000. If you are interested in supporting this cause, you can make a donation by going here.

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