The city of Pittsfield saw almost two feet of snow accumulate in less than 24 hours, setting children, and kids at heart, up for a great weekend of fun in the snow. It's here for at least the next few days, so we might as well get out there and enjoy it.  With temperatures above freezing, and even a chance of some sunshine this weekend, its prime time for some sleding action. But where to go, you ask?

The Pittsfield Parks and Recreation Department has announced that they'll bring a city favorite back to life, as they fire up the Osceola Park rope tow this Saturday and Sunday. Perfect for littles who might have a tough time getting back up the hill at the west side park, the rope tow will be in action Saturday, March 10th and Sunday March 11th, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. both days.

Osceola Park, located off West Housatonic Street sits in between Essex Street and Osceola, but access to the park is on Gale Ave  or Osceola. There is a small parking lot on the top of Gale, but that is sure to fill quickly. The hill is long and not quite as steep as Clapp Park, so it's great for children of all ages, with plenty of flat land for snowman and forts.

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