In Mayor Tyer's PCTV update last Friday, she addressed non-compliance and enforcement pertaining to mandated COVID-19 safety measures. Here's a recap from City Hall.
The city’s Health Department takes action on every report of non-compliance of COVID-19 orders that is submitted to its office. Since April, the Health Department has received approximately 90 reports directly from residents, customers, and employees. Some complaints have come through the state’s online portal and reported to the Pittsfield Board of Health from the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
Enforcement of COVID-19 orders is progressive starting with education, then written warnings, followed by fines or a loss of certain licenses. Reporting violations to the Health Department and follow up on these issues is vital to the on-going effort to prevent COVID transmission.
The majority of non-compliance reports pertain to a lack of face coverings in establishments, but generally speaking, business owners in Pittsfield are doing an outstanding job meeting the requirements and are very responsive when the Health Department addresses a report of non-compliance.
Overall, the vigilance of worksites, community organizations, health care providers, and residents, means we’ve had success in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in Pittsfield and Berkshire County.
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