With so much emphasis placed on the importance of a thriving downtown, and marketing Pittsfield as a home to open and grow successful, sustainable small businesses, Otto's Breakfast & Deli is a fine example of what Pittsfield has to offer visitors and locals alike.

I couldn't be more excited to jump on board and congratulate Luke Marion and the entire crew at Otto's on their upcoming renovation, which is set to more than double the size of their existing space. According to Marion, the changes will expand their seating capacity from the current 40 to around 80-90, adding an additional year round liquor license (as opposed to the seasonal one they have now) and the eatery plans to offer dinner on a regular basis.

For as long as I have lived here, the space on the corner of East Street and Wendell Ave Extension, has been occupied by a breakfast/lunch spot. In 2002 when I moved to Pittsfield, Court Square was there, years later after renovations and updates it became Nook and Cranny, and then finally Otto's Breakfast & Deli in 2014. I ate somewhat frequently at each of the three, as someone who LOVES breakfast and also enjoyed downtown location. (Have I mentioned how much I love Downtown Pittsfield, maybe once or twice?) However, it wasn't until a year after Otto's arrived, when Luke Marion, who had been with Otto's since 2011, took ownership, when I truly believe Otto's cult following came to be.


via Luke Marion's Facebook Page, Credit One Eighty Media 

The addition of outside the box specials, tasty, local specialty burgers on Burger Fridays, and the laid back atmosphere  Luke, his wife Lindsay and the rest of the staff brought to the table (see what I did there) it's no surprise the line is usually spilling out the door.

I've been a regular at Otto's for quite some time, and honestly wish I could eat there more than I already do. It's a great place for weekend breakfast with friends (hello, Mimosas!) but I'm also perfectly comfortable sitting at the counter and grabbing a quick bite by myself. I love a place that treats regulars like friends, and I think that's something that makes small, locally owned establishments like Otto's so special. Luke's laid back, friendly vibe, carries out of the kitchen and on the the plate. The food is simple, yet creative, and hits the mark with the residents in Pittsfield.



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