Every Wednesday at 8:30 we're joined by John Perreault, Executive Director of the Berkshire Humane Society to discuss all the happenings at their Barker Road facility, plus talk about their Pet of the Week.

This week's Pet(s) of the week are a herd of guinea pigs from a woman from New York State who dropped off a cage-full of the animals to Berkshire Humane Society in March. Originally the woman called and said there were a few, but staff soon realized there were many more than expected. The pets were her son’s and she had been taking care of them, but was moving and couldn’t take them with her.

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There were 16 guinea pigs and all of the females were pregnant, one giving birth to two babies two days after her arrival. The 16 ultimately became 27 when all the babies were born. The BHS staff named them after characters of the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Although Sheldon, Leonard, Kurt, and Will Wheaton have been adopted, Raj, Stuart, Kripke, the females, and their 11 babies are still available or will be soon.  Please call Berkshire Humane Society's small animal department at 413-447-7878, extension 124 if you are interested in adopting a guinea pig or two, or four.

To learn more about the Guinea Pigs and all the animals looking for their forever home, contact the Berkshire Humane Society at 214 Barker Road in Pittsfield, or give the shelter a call at (413) 447-7878.

The Berkshire Humane Society is now back open to the public for regular hours with masks required and social distancing in place.

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