Many people consider they Columbus Avenue parking garage an eyesore in Downtown Pittsfield. Soon, the garage will be no more.

According to a report from, the Pittsfield City Council preliminary approved $2 million for the demolition of the garage and the construction of a surface lot.

The report states that there has been $6 million in state funds that were supposed to be allocated towards the rebuilding of the garage that have yet to be allocated to the city. Multiple attempts have been made to make those funds available and, currently, that has not happened.

Last year, parking meters were installed in Downtown Pittsfield, which were originally attributed to help with the costs associated with rebuilding the garage, since the state funds have not become available. The report from iBerkshires states that the state had supported the renovation of the garage on McKay Street, "but required that a revenue source be instituted to pay for its maintenance." The top level of the Columbus Avenue garage was closed off due to "disrepair."

For now, it seems like the City of Pittsfield is fine with tearing the structure down and paving a new structure. Officials are maintaining positivity that a new garage can be built, according to the report.


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