When you gotta go, ya gotta go. Believe me, after this weekend coming back from Pedrin's in North Adams, my 4 year-old son had to go so bad I had to pull over on the side of busy Rte. 8 in Cheshire so he could poop. Gross, I know, but you can't have port-a-pottys everywhere!

But, when one is available, especially in a park or common, one would hope it would be open, vacant, and clean! That is not the case at some parks in Pittsfield at the moment, apparently.

Pittsfield City Hall Facebook
Pittsfield City Hall Facebook

A message posted on Tuesday to the city's Facebook page reads the following:

In recent weeks, there has been a spate of vandalism at several city park bathroom facilities. These include facilities at Clapp, Durant, the Pavilion, The Common, and the Rail Trail.

In order to facilitate repairs, which include replacing broken doors, fixtures, and unclogging toilets, some of these facilities will be temporarily out of service until work is complete. Signage will be posted as appropriate.

I mean, I think I can speak for everyone when I say I don't think anyone LIKES using a public restroom, but when you need to, you need to.

It's a shame the city has got to deal with this especially when the good weather is here. The rail trail is getting a lot of use, The Common just had a huge event over the weekend with "Pride Fest", and Live on The Lake is right around the corner! Hopefully they can get the restrooms back to working order soon.


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