Berkshire County is filled with beautiful cities and towns that embody what the Berkshires are all about. Whether it's theater, museums, local business, or natural landscapes, Berkshire County is beautiful and Pittsfield is at the heart of the Berkshires.

You Can Participate in Pittsfield's Photo Challenge and You'll Want to

Speaking of Pittsfield being the heart of the Berkshires, did you know there is a photo challenge currently taking place and you can enter right now? What you're requested to do is capture a photo of downtown Pittsfield in all of its beauty showing why Pittsfield is the "Heart of the Berkshires." You are encouraged to be as creative as possible and only one image per person will be accepted.

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What Will I Receive if I Win the Pittsfield Photo Challenge?

It's a pretty sweet prize for the grand prize winner as that person's photo will be featured in Pittsfield's 2023 Downtown Guide as well as a Downtown Pittsfield, Inc. social marketing campaign. Both the first and second prize winners will each receive a cool prize pack comprised of items from local businesses.

Show Your Pittsfield Pride

This is an opportunity to put your creativity and Pittsfield pride to work all while getting the chance to have your work on display for thousands upon thousands to see. Downtown Pittsfield Inc. is heading up the photo challenge contest and you can go here to view the complete set of rules and guidelines. So don't be shy, let your creativity and hard work shine, and show the public why you deserve to win the Pittsfield Photo Challenge.

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