On Thursday May 14, 2020, The Pittsfield Police Department Officers Union IBPO Local 447 will start its spring fundraising campaign. The fundraising campaign will run through July 23, 2020.

The union is attempting to raise funds to continue to contribute to the community as they have in the past. We understand that the current COVID-19 pandemic may be causing financial hardship for some, but it also means that charitable giving is as important now as ever. The fundraisers from the last several years has allowed us to continue the IBPO Local 447 Memorial Scholarship program that awarded scholarships to numerous individuals from the area that will be attending college. This scholarship is meant to assist them with some of the financial burden of college tuition, room and board and study materials. The monies raised have also allowed us to contribute to various community organizations, high school arts and music programs, Special Olympic events and sponsor youth sports and events. Donations from businesses and residents will greatly help us continue this work.

Residents should be aware that employees from the fundraising company, TCI America Inc., will be contacting businesses and residents soliciting for donations. At no time will any officers or members of the Pittsfield Police Department be contacting residents asking for donations. Due to concerns with COVID-19 and in an attempt to maintain social distancing, employees from TCI America Inc. will schedule appointments with businesses and residents to collect donations.

If any business or resident has a question or concern regarding the fundraiser, they can contact Officer Shaun Gariepy, President of IBPO Local 447 at 413-448-9700 x550

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