Some welcome news for the Pittsfield Public Schools Wednesday. Roughly 40 to 60 Pittsfield Public Schools educators will soon be rehired.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that according to Pittsfield Schools superintendent Jason McCandless, their “pink slips” are being rescinded. McCandless emphasized, during a remote school board meeting on Wednesday, the need to "keep as many people as we can humanly keep" as the state moves toward a possible reopening of in-person school this fall.

McCandless said after the meeting that the district will begin next week rescinding upwards of 40 to 60 of the non-renewal notices that went out to educators. They were among the approximately 140 reduction in force and non-renewal notices that had been sent to teachers, paraprofessionals other staff as school leaders prepared for the possibility of massive budget cuts if Chapter 70 funding plunged amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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