I have driven on Barker Road thousands of times over the last few years and, I'll admit it, I've gone over the speed limit a few times. If you say you haven't, you're probably lying.

The Pittsfield Police Department is continuing their speed enforcement campaign -- shifting their focus to the busy Barker Road. Earlier this week, radars, electric signs and handmade colorful speed signs have been implemented all over the street.

Not that we should be flying up and down the street anyways, but this campaign is making sure that we do not. There are notifications everywhere that tell you that the speed limit on the lower end of Barker Road is 35 m.p.h. Listeners have told us that the colorful, stand-out additional street signs were created by students of Crosby Elementary School, and put on the sides of the road by the PPD.

While the upper part of the street near the airport is at 45 m.p.h, get ready to slow down towards the higher populated areas.

From time to time, the Pittsfield Police traffic officers will set up shop on the road. When that happens, for those who regularly drive Barker Road as part of their daily routes, they are usually pretty busy pulling cars over for hours and hours. My advice, without the signs they have been able to nab people. With the signs; it's pretty much inevitable.

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