Pittsfield Artscape is bringing more public art to the city’s downtown with its call for art for the 2022 Paintbox Project.

The Paintbox Project celebrates local artists, enlivens the streetscape, and discourages vandalism of utility boxes throughout the downtown and beyond.

Artscape will offer artists a $250 stipend as well as $150 towards art supplies per eligible utility box. Now in its sixth year, the Pittsfield Paintbox Project will bring an additional 10 paintbox designs to the Pittsfield landscape.

“The past two years have been difficult for everyone, and we are ready to brighten things up with new artwork. We are hoping to get some new artists and groups involved in our Paintbox Program this year. This will be the most installations that we’ve offered in a single round of paintboxes to date, and we’re really excited about that!” said Alison Brigham, Artscape co-chair.

Pittsfield Artscape is a volunteer-led committee which sponsors, plans, and oversees the annual juried exhibition of public art in the city of Pittsfield. The mission of Artscape is to enhance the overall character of the city’s downtown and attract visitors by installing and promoting works of art in various accessible outdoor locations throughout Pittsfield’s Upstreet Cultural District.

For a link to the Pittsfield Paintbox Program application visit http://cityofpittsfield.org/city_hall/arts_and_culture/artscape/ or visit the Pittsfield Artscape Facebook Page.

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