Listeners of "Slater and Marjo In The Morning" may have heard us mention that Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is not a fan and will most likely kill any change in legislation regarding "Happy Hour" in the state.

What Is Happy Hour?

It's a period of time on a certain day(s) where alcoholic drinks are sold in a bar or restaurant at a discounted price, sometimes accompanied with free snacks.

Happy Hour has been illegal in the commonwealth for the last 38 years and some politicians are vying for it to come back.

Massachusetts prohibited happy hour promotions in 1984 after a string of deadly drunk-driving accidents. The idea remains controversial among some groups, including the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, which urged lawmakers not to make any tweaks to the current system.

Large group of friends having fun and drinking beer at a restaurant

Yes, Uber and Lyft are a common mode of transportation these days, but is it enough to make a change to the law?

In a time where certain states' governments are sort of saying, "OK, fine" in terms of the legalization of recreational substances, i.e. marijuana, and I would loop sports betting in for the sake of this post; is enough enough?

Emanating from the Covid-19 pandemic was a big rise in anxiety and depression as well as a sharp increase in alcohol use...

So, We Wanna Know...

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