Katie: So, they have this giant Hotwheels garage, and they don't even like, or play with it, they literally just take it apart and destroy it. I will put it back together and they just destroy it again, and I put it back together again etc etc. So, I have been threatening them, "stop taking it apart or I'm going to get rid of it". I asked my youngest son for the last time to not take the toy garage apart, and that's exactly what he did.

Slater: So, you decided to sell the toy online?

Katie: Yes, so I threw it up on Berkshire Tag Sales and just being my humorous self, I mentioned in the caption that I was punishing my child by selling this, so don't judge me and people started freaking out on me".

Slater: What did they say?

Katie: Some were telling me that I'm a horrible mother.

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Slater: We have exactly the same problem, right. My kids have too many toys. So, I sneak them out of the toy room when no one's lookin', either give them to Darren Derby at PPD or drop a bag off at the Goodwill.

Maybe Katie was getting a little payback for the gift she left my children days before Easter... Listen below.


So...what are the options when your children have too many toys and/or disrespect the ones they have? Donating is always a great option. There are tons of kids in need of toys in The Berkshires.

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