Another Facebook group that is fun to look through is What's Up in the Hilltowns. I think it's great to include a group spotlighting the towns that sometimes are the unsung heroes in our community. Not only will you be able to see upcoming events and information in the Berkshires but you also get to checkout updates from Hampshire County and basically most if not all of the hilltowns in Western, Massachusetts.

One post that I found quite alarming as well as heartbreaking was about a six month old Pitbull that was hit by a motorist in Goshen and the motorist just took off leaving the dog to suffer. Now, I know that Goshen isn't part of the Berkshires, but I feel that this information needs to circulate to as many people as possible because the dog and the dog's owner deserve justice. Plus, Goshen isn't that far away from our county so, to me, it makes sense to share this information. Furthermore, the owner deserves closure.

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The Facebook member who posted the information was Taylor Boutwell. This is the information that Taylor posted to the page:

I don’t like to post sad stuff but I wanted to post this in case anyone knows of someone who might have hit my poor puppy on South Main Street in Goshen and fled the scene to leave him to die. I just want to know how someone could hit a dog and not stop to see if the owner is home and leave him to bleed out. Baby Titan was only 6 months old . I’ll be forever thankful for the amazing women that stayed with me and tried performing CPR on him to save his life. You’re the most amazing people ever, and I cannot thank you enough for sitting there with me.

As you can imagine many of the group members were torn up and upset over this situation. Hopefully someone will see this and have information as to the individual that caused this accident and then just fled the scene. In a word, sad.

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