It's officially the holiday season in Massachusetts and Christmas is right around the corner. Whether your family tradition is to leave some out for Santa or stuff stockings to the brim with it, candy probably plays a role in your holiday.

According to Statista, in 2021 Americans spent just over $2 million on holiday candy, the third most the country spends on seasonal candy just behind Halloween and Easter, but just in front of Valentine's Day. This year seasonal candy sales are expected to however right around the $2 million mark again.

So out of the $2 million dollars we spend on candy in December, we were wondering what is Massachusetts' favorite Christmas candy?

This is the Most Popular Christmas Candy in Massachusetts

You'd think the obvious answer would be Candy Canes, right? Especially given the variety of flavors out there these days, but nope. This year's most popular Christmas candy in Massachusetts is actually... KIT KATS!

According to Food & Wine's list of the most popular Christmas candy in each state, Kit Kats topped the list in just two states this year, Massachusetts and Oklahoma. Last year, candy canes were indeed number one in the Bay State. This year they slipped to number two, followed by Reese's Cup Mini's rounding out the top three. also looked at some changing trends in holiday candy from 2021 to 2022 and noted the popularity of candy canes and chocolate bark, which were both up in the previous, lost their number one spot in 10 states.



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