The Live 95.9 Question of the Week was asking you, the wonderful people of the Berkshires, what to do with the Berkshire Mall.

While there continues to be negativity surrounding the mall's future, it was quite fascinating to see the results. With over 600 total votes cast, on the website and via email, 29 percent of people say that the owners should make a strong effort to find stores and keep it running. In second place, 19 percent say that the area should be used for an updated shopping center, as well as housing. Coming in fourth place, 16 percent said to make it an athletic complex of some sort.

In third place, however, was "other", and that gave the opportunity for Berkshire County residents to send in their thoughts on what should happen with the Lanesborough staple. All of these suggestions were done anonymously, which you can see below.

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