With one of the busiest travel holidays underway you’ll be paying even more at the pump.  According to CBS News prices are up 40% since January and drivers are currently paying the highest price for gas in 7-years.

Today President Biden announced plans to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to lower gas prices.  Many other countries across the world are doing the same including Japan, the United Kingdom, China, India, and Korea.

Until gas prices ease the extra cost at the pump will continue to put a dent in the wallet of consumers.  According to gasbuddy.com the cheapest place to buy gas in the Berkshires is the Mobile station on South Street in Pittsfield.  The price yesterday according to the gassy site was $3.29.  That is up from $3.25 just a little over a week ago but still below the national average of $3.40 per gallon according to AAA.  The average price of gas in Massachusetts today is $3.42 per gallon.

So, when tooling around the Berkshires it’s always a good idea to check the GasBuddy App to see where you can save a couple of cents that will quickly turn into dollars.

According to GasBuddy…

Pittsfield                     Mobil – $3.29                       460 South Main, Pittsfield

North Adams              Cumberland Farms $3.43    245 Ashland Street, N Adams

Adams                       Racing Mart - $3.45             73 Columbia Street

Williamstown             Gulf - $3.35                            259 Main Street, Williamstown

Lee                            Sunoco– $3.43                      15 Park Street, Lee

Great Barrington       Mobile - $3.49                       695 South Main Street

The prices listed here are subject to change since the posting of this article.

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