Several homeowners and business owners in Berkshire County have reported catalytic converters being cut out from under their vehicles in recent months. We hear about this happening just about every year in Berkshire County, and it recently happened again in the southern Berkshire County town of Sheffield.

Why are these parts so sought after?

Depending on what source you look at, you will see that the average catalytic converter can be sold for anywhere between $25 and $300. GetJerry.Com says that catalytic converters from hybrid vehicles can go for as much as $1,400! The value is primarily the metals that are found in the part which can include precious metals such as rhodium, platinum, and palladium.

A closed-circuit television feed captured the involved vehicle...

According to a post on the Sheffield Police Department Facebook page, police are looking for some help from the community to identify a vehicle that was involved in the theft of two catalytic converters from Bachettis Auto Sales on North Main Street in Sheffield. The theft is believed to have occurred shortly before 5 AM on July 5th. A vehicle that police believe was involved in the thefts was captured on closed-circuit television.


Sheffield Police Department
Sheffield Police Department

(Above: closed-circuit television captured this image of the vehicle believed involved in the thefts on July 5th)


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The subject vehicle which looks like it may have been a dark-colored smaller SUV was initially parked South of Bachettis Auto Sales. It looked to police as though the SUV appears to have been moved to a parking lot across the street and finally parked in front of the shop allowing the individuals to load the ripped-out catalytic converters.


Sheffield Police Department
Sheffield Police Department

(Above: the second image from the closed-circuit television camera)

Sheffield Police are asking anyone who saw the vehicle in question as they were driving by the scene to contact Officer O’Sullivan. There were several motorists passing by at the time according to the captured footage, so there is a chance someone saw something. They are looking for any descriptive information about the vehicle or individuals that you may have observed.

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