I posted on our website and Facebook page asking the Live 95.9 listeners what 5 closed bars would they like to see reopened. Included in that post was The Madison Cafe on Madison Avenue.

I incorrectly reported that The Madison was still, in fact, closed and had not reopened since the pandemic forced its closure in March of 2020.

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I received an email on Thursday morning.

"The Madison is one of the oldest continuous operating bars in Pittsfield, opening in 1935.

After 266 long days of closure due to the pandemic, The Madison Cafe is open and has been since mid-December after jumping through hoops to get a permit to sell food.

The Madison is NOT a dive bar. It is a friendly neighborhood bar perfect for those to have a beer after a long hard day at work. There are no fights, no drugs, and no trouble. Women are treated with respect and is the only bar I will walk into alone.

Employees are happy to be back and grateful to see their friends and customers again. As one of them, I am highly insulted that you would take an honest business and put a negative angle on it."

Here was my response and apology...

Thanks for the email, we always encourage feedback. The point of this post was to create local engagement and to get people nostalgic about some closed Pittsfield bars.
I do want to apologize for incorrectly reporting The Madison's continued closure, I was unaware it was open. Frankly, when I drive by, it always appears to be closed, with no lights on, etc. I called the main number during listed business hours and was unable to reach anyone.
I'm glad to learn that The Madison is open again, and has been since December. As far as the term "dive bar", I meant no disrespect. I don't consider it a negative term. My father was a member and bartender for years at a Lynn dive bar.
The owner of The Madison Cafe, Bill Molner, seemed to be appreciative of our on-air correction and support after originally being upset.

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