I remember being pulled over for the first time ever on the Massachusetts Turnpike. I was 20 years old at the time and I was helping my brother move to into UMASS when I was stopped by a state trooper.

My father's words were ringing in my head, "You're gonna get pulled over in that Mustang"! I was clocked doing 78 MPH in a 65 MPH. The trooper was super nice to me and wrote the citation for the lowest amount of money, I forget the exact details.

Yes, my insurance went up, the whole thing, it was terrible. The rules are not meant to be broken!

Carla Needham Facebook
Carla Needham Facebook

Ten years later I was pulled over again on the pike going 88 MPH! I think after that, I learned my lesson. SLOW DOWN! I was traveling in the slow lane, to boot...

We all know that the left lane is for passing only and not for continuous travel, although most break that law.

Speed limits are posted obviously for safety reasons, and yes there of course is "keeping up with traffic" as well.

What About Driving To Slow?

Is This A Problem?

Is There A Minimum Speed On The Mass. Pike?


There is a minimum speed of 40 mph on the Massachusetts Turnpike and a maximum speed of 20 mph in a school zone. -mass.gov

It doesn't sound like a big problem, but driving too slow on the pike can be dangerous and you can be cited for it.

I hope you found this post fun and informative.

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