The study numbers are in and it seems that the vast majority of the US is rooting for the Boston Red Sox to defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series -- at least, via Twitter anyways.

The results of the study were done by a website called It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they are known for, but I digress.

To come up with the numbers, members of the site did research on Twitter by finding social media posts that were for, or against, each team. They searched for hashtags, as well, which for the Red Sox were #DoDamage, #RedSoxNation and #DirtyWater, while the Dodgers were measured with #LADetermined, #GoDodgers and #LetsGoDodgers.

The overall results are pretty staggering. Only California (naturally), Nevada, Hawaii and Delaware (Hi, I'm in Delaware) are rooting for the Dodgers to upset the Red Sox. In California, 79,400 tweets supported the Dodgers while 11,100 Red Sox fans stood up and cheered for the away team. In Massachusetts, those numbers were 39,500 for the Sox and 650 are rooting for the Dodgers.

New York was very interesting. According to the data, 10,700 people were showing support for the Red Sox while only 1,900 were against them. Considering New York is the home of the Yankees, this number really stood out to me. You can get the full results of the study here. (H/T Boston Magazine)

Social media has spoken. The vast majority of the US is rooting for the Red Sox to #DoDamage throughout the World Series. I, too, want that to happen. For a bonus, how about doing it while games end at a reasonable hour? That would be the dream.

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