As the start of the 2021-2022 NFL season quickly approaches, a new survey shows that Pats fans...well, like their brews and booze...a lot.

Finance Buzz recently did a very cool survey of fans of all 32 NFL teams to find out who spends the most and least supporting their football teams throughout the season. And the survey came up with many interesting statistics.

For instance, the survey revealed that fans of the New England Patriots came in at #2 on the list(out of 32) when it comes to spending the most money on alcohol during games.

The overall survey asked fans how much they spent on certain items during games, in particular, merchandise, food, and drinks--including alcohol. Over 1,500 fans were surveyed.

The NFL team that ranked #1 in terms of most money spent on in-stadium alcoholic beverages? The New Orleans Saints. Well, duh. I've been to the Big Easy enough times to know that you've just got to "Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler". Let The Good Times Roll. Saints fans spend an average of $64.81 on alcohol during a game. That total is based on alcohol purchases for their entire party.

Patriots fans? Slightly under that total with an average amount of $60.81 spent on alcohol per game. Coming in at #3 is a big division rival of the Patriots, the Buffalo Bills. Bills fans spend an average of $60.52 on alcoholic beverages per game.

Coming in at the top by far for fans that spend the least amount of money on alcohol during games is the Carolina Panthers. On average, fans spend $15.04. And that's a big stretch from #2. New York Giants fans spend an average of $26.25 on alcohol.

Also of note, the fans who spend the most money on food and drink at the concession stand during games reside in Texas. Coming in at #1 and #2 respectively on the list are the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys fanbases.

There are plenty more fun facts to learn about from the survey. Check out all the results by visiting Finance Buzz's website here.

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