Here's an "out-of-left-field" question, Berkshire County residents: Do you believe there's such a thing as "soulmates"? By that I mean, do you think that there is a perfect companion for you out there, somewhere?

Or, even better, have you already found that person? Longtime listeners to my radio show may have heard me mention(once or twice...or several hundred times) my soulmate, Tonya.

That's right. Not only do I believe in soulmates, but I was lucky enough to have found mine. Or, as Tonya would say, she found me. And thank God for that. We love each other to the moon and back. Twelve years into our relationship and I still think she's the most beautiful woman I know and we still make each other laugh more than anyone else.

We have each other and are incredibly lucky(and grateful) for that. However, many people do not believe in soulmates. Or worse, many do believe but haven't been lucky in finding that special someone.

What's your stance? Do you believe in soulmates? Did you find yours? What about the rest of Massachusetts? Recently the team at Shane Co., the largest privately owned jeweler in the country, surveyed over 2,000 Americans on their beliefs and experiences regarding soulmates.

The survey included various questions including whether people believe in soulmates, how many people they had to date before they found their soulmate, and if people believed they'd already met their soulmate but didn't realize it until it was too late and they missed their chance.

Guess what? According to the survey, well more than half of the residents in Massachusetts believe in soulmates. 64%! I'd say that is a fairly impressive number, however, it's nowhere near the top.

Alabama leads all states in terms of residents believing in soulmates with a whopping 80%! Meanwhile, on the flip side, Utah is at the back of the pack with only 30% of its residents believing there's a person who completes them.

All in all, it's a pretty cool survey to spend some time with. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, take a look at the full study at Shane Co.'s website here.

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