My obsession with time travel started when I saw "Back To The Future" (1985) as a child. It became pure fantasy of mine watching Marty McFly accidentally being transported to a time before he was born and then witnessing his parents as teenagers.

Although I didn't grow up in Pittsfield, I have become very interested in its history and/or heritage in my last eight years of living here. Recently I started to search for old videos of Pittsfield on youtube. First, I came across one from 1987, and just the other day I discovered one from 1977 on Facebook, posted by Jim Joseph.

Though grainy at times and moving at a fast clip with no audio, the video captures a really nice little trip down memory lane. Traveling on West St. to North and eventually Tyler and Dalton Ave in 1977, Jim Joseph's camera shows some of what existed and some that still exists today.

Car dealerships, gas stations, and some businesses that are no longer here can be seen in this video, as well as old cars... and more trees? The city's layout obviously still looks the same, with the exception of a few minor things. Even an average history enthusiast will get a real kick out of this video. Enjoy.



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