We're fighting, again.

On Slater and Marjo in the Morning today, we started talking about a trending story, a debate over the color of tennis balls. Yes, tennis balls. That's what we're fighting about.

Similar to the 'Blue or Gold Dress' viral story we saw a few years back, the web is alive with people debating over the color of a tennis ball. Not so shockingly, Slater and I disagree as to the answer. Slater is Team Green, and I am Team Yellow.

I have Roger Federer, professional tennis player on my side (did I mention he's won 20 Grand Slam single titles, more than any other player, EVER) I think he knows what he's talking about. Yes, this guy....

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Slater on the other hand, has the "majority" of Twitter users (52%) on his side. You know who uses Twitter? Yes, this guy...

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So, let us know what you think? Are tennis balls Yellow or Green? And listen, if you're on the fence, just vote yellow. Do you really want to listen to Slater brag about winning all morning? Yeah, I don't want to either.