A recent survey revealed the most and least favorite dog breed in Massachusetts. Dogs are often talked about on the "Slater and Marjo" show because I'm perceived to hate dogs. I didn't grow up with dogs, but I certainly don't hate them. Maybe I dislike them a little.

My perception of pit bulls were forever changed when my late wife introduced me to hers before we were married. I loved that dog. However pit bulls are not the most favorite breed in the commonwealth.

The #1 Dog Breed In Massachusetts

Labrador Retriever. 

Labrador retrievers are a lovable, affectionate dog breed that make stellar companions. These dogs are athletic dogs and require a lot of exercise and activity, including fetch and swimming. -forbes.com

Purebred Golden Retriever dog portrait in outdoors

An intelligent British breed (gun dog) developed to retrieve game for hunters with loud firearms.

The Top Breeds In America

  • Australian Shepherd
  • German Shepherd
  • Bulldog
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Bernese Mountain Dog

Most Americans adopt their dogs as puppies. Dogs can be expensive and their are always plenty to adopt from you local humane society. I remember my father in-law buying a purebred French Bulldog for $1500.

Massachusetts Least Favorite Breed

Great Dane.

Great Danes are a large dog breed, weighing up to a massive 175 pounds and 32 inches tall—and when standing on their hind legs, are taller than most people. Great Danes are a good choice for someone looking for a guard dog, but are also known as gentle giants. -forbes

My girlfriend's brother has 3 Great Danes and there annoying to be around when we have large family gatherings.

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