Tis the season for celebrating the holidays, but there are others who simply want to leave some coal in your festivities. Beware of porch pirates and those grinches who have the flair to put a damper on your fellow Massachusetts residents as the spirit of giving is non-existent in their eyes. The Bay State has been ranked fifth when it comes to burglaries and these statistics show most of these crimes occur right before Santa is ready to embark on his sleigh. Shame on them!


Here are some staggering numbers regarding thefts of packages and other high profile gifts from the beautiful Berkshires to Boston:

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In 2021, reports indicate about 83 thousand burglaries occurred during the month of December. Those numbers are astronomical in nature as over 8% of robberies are within our confines with a price tag of over $130 million. The most stolen items in our backyard include computers, gadgets, jewelry and fur coats. A complete and detailed report has been released and you can see these shocking statistics for yourself by accessing this link as 5,000 residences are preferred targets on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As Thurl Ravenscroft (the voice of Tony the Tiger) used to say: "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch".

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations has released this disturbing information courtesy of their crime data explorer as these thefts have been branded as "holiday burglaries" as the average dollar amount is $2,891. The highest ranking in stolen property belongs to Las Vegas, Nevada as sin city sees over $9,000 in stolen goods. Our neighbors to the north, Vermont and New Hampshire tally a 45% drop in holiday thefts.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are waiting for a package or any kind of holiday parcel, try to make arrangements with your local post office to hold on until picking up in person or have one of your neighbors sign the invoice and they will make sure it is given to you in a prompt manner. Better safe, than sorry!

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