I am absolutely one of those guys who never answers their phone if I don't recognize the number. It's not that I have anything to be paranoid about, I just am. 😄

Unless I'm sort of expecting a call from someone that I'm unfamiliar with, I don't answer. I mean, it's 99% nonsense anyway, right?

Text message SMS scam or phishing concept. Man hands using smart phone

I received a phone call from the 617 area code last week that resulted in a voicemail and here's what it said:

"Hey it's Kate with direct funding, I was a giving you a call to update you on the business funding. I was actually hoping to catch you so I can send you an email with the details.

This is actually my cell phone number, so If you can, when you get this message, can you shoot me a text message with the best email address for you so I can send that over.

You can also give me a call this number if you have any questions, I just ah tend to respond a little faster via text, thanks and ah, we'll talk soon."

Kate was extremely normal sounding as she was phishing for my information. Don't get scammed!

As always, I punched the number into google. In this case, it was (617) 485-0037. Search results popped up immediately with similar stories to mine.

I hope you found this post informative.

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