If you're older like me, your primary social media platform, may I presume, is Facebook. What's been grabbing my attention lately are those Facebook Reels, just another version of short videos that everyone loves.

Like anything else on the internet, Reels will continue to serve up videos that you continually show interest in and view. My most viewed at the moment? Airplane videos. Crazy take-offs. Landings. Engines catching on fire. Terrible turbulence. You get the idea.

When I moved to the Berkshires back in 2010, I quickly found out that Pittsfield was once a big GE city. Growing up in Lynn, I felt oddly like I was still close to home in a way.

My father worked in development at GE in Lynn for decades. I remember as a kid him coming home smelling like oil and a little dirty. He worked with a team of about 6 in strain gauge. I never appreciated what he did back in the day, but I guess I should have!


The First Jet Airplane Engine In The U.S. Was Built In This Massachusetts City


The first Jet Airplane Engine in the U.S. was built at Lynn’s General Electric plant in 1942. In 1941, the U.S. Army Air Corps picked GE's Lynn, Massachusetts, plant to build a jet engine based on the design of Britain's Sir Frank Whittle. Six months later, on April 18, 1942, GE engineers successfully ran the I-A engine. -CSI:LYNN, Massachusetts

GE Facebook
GE Facebook

Pretty cool, huh?

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