Googling a fear is something that is very common. In fact, some of you reading this have probably done it today at some point. While there are many different fears that are different and unique, a study was done to determine the most-Googled household fear in each state.

The study was done by A Secure Life, who believes that sometimes just searching a topic can go from simply that to actual fears. Oftentimes, however, people search for something because it is happening right now and you want to prevent it.

Some of the popular household fears in the US include mold, carbon monoxide poisoning, bed bugs and robberies. In Massachusetts, the most Googled household fear is a "Peeping Tom".

Peeing Tom is defined in the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary as "a pruriently prying person." In other words, and rightfully so, people are afraid that while they are at home doing whatever it is that they are doing, someone is peeking through the windows watching them.

So that brings up an interesting thing we can discuss in the Berkshires; what household fear do you have? Is it spiders? Is it Peeping Toms? Is it anything else?

Let us know by filling out the form below. We will compile our own study (leaving names out of the results, of course) with the biggest household fear in Berkshire County.

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