A survey by the insurance and bonding company Safety First collected Google Trends data from 2021 and evaluated the popularity of kitchen gadgets within each individual state.  Kitchen gadgets that topped states’ lists are extensive.  Everything from the air fryer to the wine aerator made it to #1 in at least one state.  The list is so vast that the “Most Popular Gadget of 2021" was only the number one choice in three states.  Nine gadgets tied for #2 with only two states each putting them on top of their state's list.

“Most Popular Kitchen Gadget of 2021” here in Massachusetts is (drum roll) the toaster oven!  A gadget I personally use every day.   The toaster oven was in that 9-way tie for second with Massachusetts and New Jersey paying homage to this multi-dimensional gadget according to the Safety First data.

With the popularity of air fryers these days I thought for sure this hot air device would land the top spot.  Nope.  The #1 "Most Popular Kitchen Gadget of 2021" according to the Safety First data was the crock-pot.  Dating back to the 1940s this fill it, turn it on, and leave it kitchen appliance has been cooking tasty dishes and warming bellies for decades.  It was South Dakoda, West Virginia, and Wyoming that was enough to land it in the #1 spot as the most popular kitchen gadget of 2021 in the country.

The other kitchen gadgets that tied for #2 along with the Massachusetts choice of the toaster over were, the air fryer, deep fryer, French press, juicer, peeler, splatter guard, waffle maker, and believe it or not…the ice cube tray according to the Safety First data.

As far as the other New England states the sushi maker was #1 in Connecticut, the peeler in Maine, the Wok in Vermont, the waffle maker in New Hampshire, and the toaster in Rhode Island.

The entire gadget list by state is both interesting and unusual with items like butter churner, sandwich cutter, and strawberry huller all topping at least one state’s list.  You can check out the complete results by clicking this link to this Safety First article.

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