Summer is officially here and you know what that means: Time to stop by for everybody's favorite treat: Ice Cream! Whether it's soft-serve OR hand made, the choice is yours. Make plans accordingly as the next few months you will see a full consumption that satisfies everybody's sweet tooth.

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Which brings me to the Top 3 BEST ice cream parlors in the Bay State. Guess what? One of these locations is situated right here in south county and it is a popular stop-over for locals and visitors alike.

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1) SO-CO CREAMERY: Located at the foot of Railroad Street in Great Barrington, this is a true destination for a must-have dessert when your roaming around Main Street, They now offer dairy-free flavors and an assortment of basic choices that will satisfy all of their customers. The popular locale draws crowds every weekday from 12 noon to 9 pm and until 10 pm on weekends. Check out for their web site for more details.

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2) THE SUMMER HOUSE: Located east of The Berkshires, this ice cream parlor has Rebecca Lobo's stamp of approval (She is from Southwick, Massachusetts) and is conveniently located at the junctions of routes 57 and 202 in Southwick. They are open year round (yes, even when it's cold out there). besides soft and hard serve ice cream, check out their selection of milk shakes, smoothies, sundaes and frozen yogurts. They also feature a food menu for lunch or dinner. Go on-line and see for yourself.

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3) HERREL'S ICE CREAM: Situated in the village of Northampton on Old South Street, it is a popular get-together for locals, visitors and college students. They also offer a variety of sweet treats. Regular, dairy-free, kosher and vegan options are available with an on-site bakery as all their menu items are freshly made. Their motto "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" and I truly won't argue with this statement. You can prepare your shopping list by logging on here.

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BOTTOM LINE: This is the time you are allowed to indulge, but remember moderation is the key.


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