For the past few months potholes have been quite the topic of conversation (or more realistically complaining) and for the most part, I've abstained from the whining. They are a part of winter in The Berkshires, a result of rapid and often shifts in temperature, which we saw at an all time high this past season.  I know it's not a problem specific to Pittsfield, so I tried to keep my mouth shut, UNTIL I discovered what are THE WORST potholes in the city.

The potholes, which could more accurately be described as CRATERS, make the stretch of Malcolm Avenue between Edward and Livingston literally impassable. If you're not familiar with the southeast section of Pittsfield, Malcolm runs from the north end of Holmes Road, parallel to Elm Street, all the way to Pollock Avenue. It's not a highly traveled road, I'm sure the residents of that area would like to keep it that way, but I use it pretty much daily, and I would assume they have the same frustrations.

I know there are tons of potholes that could take out a Mac Truck around the city, but I have yet to find anything comparable to the magnitude and proximity of this cluster. In a 40 yard stretch, there are EIGHT potholes that are, no exaggeration, half a foot deep, enough to easily damage a motor vehicle, and their locations make it nearly impossible to avoid hitting at least two. Despite traveling at the slowest speed my vehicle will allow me, they are still jarring to say the least.

I've put my complaint into the PittSMART app, including photos, and am interested to see the response. On another note, before everyone gets all hot and bothered, yes I'm aware that I could take a different route, but what about the people that live there?

Check out the pictures, which truly don't do the depth justice, and a short video I filmed.  to give a sense of speed, my foot is not even on the gas pedal, just let my vehicle roll down the street, pay attention to how much the hood of my car moves up and down. Imagine hitting these at the 25 miles per hour speed limit, or even at a cautious 15 or 20.

pothole 1
pothole 2



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