Massachusetts has a crazy amount of great burger joints throughout the entire state. This is something that can also go a little overlooked, since burgers aren't necessarily the very first food you think of, when you think of popular New England foods. However, that doesn't mean they don't exist here. And now, it seems there has been some new spots recognized as having the "Best Burgers in Massachusetts".

'Taste Of Massachusetts' recently released a list of The Best Burgers in MassachusettsIt may be time to add some must-stop to any road trips you might be taking through Massachusetts.

While the list gets quite lengthy, we want to show you what burger joints came in as the very best in Massachusetts, as chosen by a survey of more than 5,000 votes that was conducted by 'Taste of Massachusetts'.

Let's check out what burgers made the very top of the list in the top five:

  • #5 KKatie's Burger Bar

There is no typo in that name. KKatie's has six locations in Massachusetts. Those can be found in Plymouth (two of them), Marshfield, Hyannis, Plympton, and West Bridgewater. That Good Morning Burger (as pictured) looks like it might actually be a hangover cure, as noted. Check out their locations here.

  • #4The Fix Burger Bar

With three Massachusetts locations in Worcester, Leominster, and Marlborough, The Fix Burger Bar has a solid list of burgers to choose from which include burgers known as The Bigger Mac and The Gatsby. You can also pick your own custom toppings as well. Check out their menu here.

  • #3 Boston Burger Company

Boston Burger Company has locations in Boston, Salem, Cambridge, and Somerville. The spot has 30+ burgers on its menu, including one known as The Artery Clogger. Perhaps you might want to have an empty stomach if you try any of their filling burgers from their menu.

  • #2 Tessie's Bar

Tessie's Bar has locations in Walpole and Waltham. Their menu includes 11 signature burgers and your option of building your own burger. They all seem quite colossal (see the above pic).

  • #1 Lewis' Restaurant & Grill

Snagging the top spot on the list is Lewis' Restaurant & Grill in Norwood. It seems reviews on Yelp were fans of their Texas Burger (includes apple smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and spicy barbecue sauce) and their Famous Lewis Burger (topped with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, onion, ham, and egg salad). Check out the menu that includes the best burger in Massachusetts at the link provided here.

And there it is, the top five burger spots in Massachusetts, according to 'Taste Of Massachusetts' recent survey of over 5,000 people. If you're craving a great burger, now you have some more must-stop places for any road trip in the Bay State.

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